It is estimated that one million Turkish people live in London. Sixty per cent of this population lives in the north of London.


The London Borough of Haringey sought to understand the attitudes of Turks living in its catchment area on issues like the environment and recycling. This effort was motivated by the inefficiency of brochures and radio programmes in Turkish to persuade Turkish residents to use recycling bins. The research conducted by XSIGHTS revealed that the target population for the campaign should be children. This is because Turkish parents were receiving information about protecting the environment and recycling from their children (who, in turn, receive it from their schools). Therefore, XSIGHTS suggested a campaign to be organised around schools. The content for the campaign was also created. The result was an important success: Haringey became one of the boroughs with the highest rate of recycling (in a city and country where recycling rates lag behind many others).