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Women and Finance: The 2019 Rich Thinking Quantitative Survey Findings

Barbara’s first Rich Thinking® white paper on women and finance, based in part on a quantitative survey of 1,000 Canadian women, was self-published 10 years ago. For the next nine years, her research methodology was primarily interview based — she conducted more than 800 of them, in fact — and qualitative. From that dataset, she distilled the top three findings in November 2019.

Although 800 interviews collectively make up a robust and statistically useful data source, they span 10 years and the questions differ each year. So partly in honor of the first Rich Thinking paper and also to ask some more sweeping questions, Barbara and Duncan conducted a quantitative online survey designed by Çiğdem Penn of XSIGHTS.

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It is harvest time !

It is harvest time ! We have collected our awards for our recent work with great pleasure!  Thanks to all of our clients; grateful for these amazing projects…  

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For our company presentation click here.

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Ciğdem Penn / Learn to embrace your fears / TurkishWIN

Throughout her entrepreneurial career in three countries, Cigdem learned to make tough choices and to never be desperate.