Niyet Evdönderen

Niyet Evdönderen

Customer Solutions Executive

Has a bachelor’s degree in statistics at Yildiz Technical University and a master's degree in statistics at YTU.

Niyet’s another area of expertise is medical statistics. She has national and international papers and posters on the hybrid modeling of survival analysis and decision trees.

Niyet has started her career as analyst in a private bank and continued her business life as project manager and qualitative&quantitative market researcher in market research industry. She has conducted multiple global and national projects for many sectors such as FMCG, personal care, toys, airlines, banking, insurance and medical.

She is specialized in “Advertising Test” and “Brand Equity” as a result of her experience in the industry.

Niyet loves painting and playing chess in her leisure time and she finds very relaxing being together with her family and friends.