Xsights  Data Technologies provides its clients with high speed online and offline research solutions which include data collection, coding and data tabulation.


CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing)

Turkey’s Opinion Panel (www.turkiyeninsesipaneli.com) which Xsights established in 2011, is the first online platform dedicated to market and public opinion research in Turkey. Its vision is to provide fast, economic and reliable data to help clients make business decisions and to meet all international quality standards. With more than 60.000 panelists all over Turkey, Turkey’s Opinion Panel is capable to reach a representative sample of Turkey.

Xsights’ online data collection includes, but not limited to:

  • More than 200,000 surveys

  • User friendly and mobile responsive questionnaires

  • Programming in 24 hours as of questionnaire approval

  • Data collection of 500 respondents in 48 hours

  • Opportunity to use multimedia in the questionnaire

  • Real time data tracking with secure and encrypted connections and summary report

  • Secure data storage system

CAMI-Mobil (Computer Assisted Mobile Research)

CAMI methodology  allows respondents to answer questions on their mobile form. Xsights offers mobile friendly surveys and great targeting tools for mobile research.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

Xsights has its own CATI studio which consists of 16 booths and  has conducted over 350,000 CATI surveys since 2013 when the CATI studio was established.

CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)

Xsights offers CAPI surveys and uses the most up-to-date technology to provide its clients with real time data and GPS coordinates.

PAPI (Pen and Paper Personal Interviewing)

Xsights , when necessary, administers  PAPI  thanks to its seasoned  field team on time and on budget. 


In Depth Interviews

A qualitative data collection method, in-depth interviews offer the opportunity to capture rich, descriptive data about people’s behaviours, attitudes and perceptions, and unfolding complex processes.  

While focus group discussions triggers the creativity and eases to understand the social dynamics, in-depth interviews make the subject to gain depth regarding personal motivations and perceptions. 

Xsights conducts in-depth interviews in its own studios or somewhere else which is convenient for the respondent. Interviews are recorded subject to respondents’ approval. Clients can watch the interviews. Real time tracking is also provided by Xsights. Interviews are decoded in 24 hours and shared with the clients.

Focus Group Discussions

A focus group discussion is a good way to gather together people from similar backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic of interest. The group of participants is guided by a moderator (or group facilitator) who introduces topics for discussion and helps the group to participate in a lively and natural discussion amongst themselves.