Companies which offer a perfect experience to their customers at every touch point are better able to create an emotional connection with their customers. Our experience at Xsights indicates that emotional connections last longer when the brand positioning is based on corporate values.

Trademark Registration Research

Xsights is fully credited to conduct Trademark Registration Research, which is a legal requirement before registering as a trademark brand. Xsights Research and Consultancy fully identifies the target groups for products and services, measures brand awareness and supports the companies in the first steps towards branding.

Brand Health Research

In today’s competitive marketplace, brand expectations are increasing continuously. Brands have to understand, challenge and surprise their customers more than ever. In this journey, it is important to measure brand health. Xsights’ Brand Health Study looks at the power of the brand along with its personality, its image and the connection it builds with the customer as it evolves.

Brand Positioning

Xsights guides companies in brand positioning through its high-quality research results. Insights are based on reliable data that evaluates the brand image by the consumer, the performance of the brand in responding to customer expectations and how the target audience perceives the brand’s message.

Pre-and Post-Advertising Research

Pre-test surveys enable us to determine the effectiveness of advertisements before they are launched by exploring whether the message is perceived correctly and resonates as intended with target audiences.  This enables any necessary revisions to be made to ads prior to launch.

Post-test surveys measure the level of effectiveness and success of ads that have already been distributed to the target audience. At the same time, the impact of advertising on brand image and awareness is observed along with the effect on purchasing.

Launch Effectiveness Research

Measuring the value and benefits of a launch event, meeting or press conference, facilitates the business the follows by providing insight into how products and messages were perceived by the target audience during the events. Along with this, however, examining the satisfaction level of the participants in the initial meeting or event enables organizations to perform more successfully in the future.

Measurement of Sponsorship Effectiveness

In evaluating the potential of a new sponsorship, it is important to examine the compatibility of the potential sponsorship with the brand personality, corporate identity and target audience expectations. Through this process, it is possible to estimate how the brand image would be affected by the potential sponsorship and the cost-effectiveness of sponsorship budgets.

On the other hand, the measurement of existing sponsorship activities provides an opportunity to analyze the expected effect of the sponsorship on brand perception. Xsights is experienced in measuring sponsorship effectiveness and provides high quality research results to understand how brands should maintain and develop sponsorships.

Social Media Listening

In an ever more digitalized world, consumers increasingly interact with brands through social media and share their experiences through these channels. The growing number of social media platforms and the sheer number of users can make it more difficult for brands to engage with customers. Xsights analyzes social media content and identifies the data that is most important to be analyzed for brands from among the world of big data. In so doing, Xsights supports brands to develop their product and customer experiences.

Web Video / Viral Video Research

Xsights supports the effective usage of budgets for viral and digital advertisements by focusing on the viewers’ propensity of sharing the video social media accounts along with the impact on the brand and level of favorability.