In a world dominated by consumer choices, Xsights helps its customers to stand out from the competition. Xsights offers smart and dynamic solutions which analyze customer trends and generate simple and results-orientated action points.

Consumer Habit, Usage & Attitude Survey

Xsights Research and Consultancy brings consumers one step closer to companies by following changing consumer habits as well as discovering new patterns for new categories.

Customer Experience Research

Xsights offers Customer Experience Measurement through a holistic method and has a successful track record in developing strategies to redesign the customer experience in order to increase sales.

Brands which have been able to offer exceptional experiences to their customers are also those which are able to create strong and lasting ties with their customers. A holistic approach to the customer experience is a must in order to create the perfect customer relationship with the brand.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation studies differentiate customers into distinct and homogeneous groups. Segmentation helps companies to develop the right strategy for each segment and determines how to target them more explicitly.

Mystery Shopping

Xsights conducts mystery shopping to determine whether vendors, company branches and other service or sales points are in alignment with the desired company policies and operational practices. Xsights’ reliable and objective measurement reveals the knowledge and skills of company staff, whether training programs have been effective and how employees are interacting with clients. Mystery shopping provides brand managers with key tips to improve the customer experience.

Lost Customer Research

The best way to increase market share and achieve competitive advantage is to gain new customers. At the same time, companies need to retain their existing customer base. However, sometimes companies focus on acquiring new customers and ignore existing customer satisfaction. Xsights sheds light on the reasons that companies may be losing customers as they grow, and suggests solutions to increase the loyalty of existing customers while maintaining the pace of expansion.

Sales Representative Performance Evaluation

Xsights Research and Consultancy supports companies to measure the performance of sales teams and implement transparent and fair performance systems.