Xsights Research and Consultancy measures employee satisfaction as well as employee brand for companies which aim to achieve more profitable business results by understanding employee expectations, corporate attraction and institutional loyalty. Xsights also provides smart and dynamic solutions for the formulation of codes of ethics and guidelines for conflict resolution for corporations which seek to strengthen their corporate culture.

Employee Satisfaction, Motivation and Commitment Research

In an increasingly competitive business environment, one of the secrets to ensure customer satisfaction is to promote employee satisfaction and motivation.

With its expertise in employee satisfaction and loyalty, Xsights offers action points that will increase motivation and commitment, based on robust research.

Supplier Satisfaction, Loyalty and Motivation Research

There is a direct correlation between supply chain management and sustainable market growth. Keeping suppliers satisfied, motivated and loyal is as important as maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction. Xsights offers to measure suppliers’ satisfaction and advises on sustainable action points for long-term business relationships.

Employee Branding Research

Companies which have been successful in branding themselves are more successful at attracting and retaining highly skilled employees. Xsights makes use of reliable research techniques to support organizations to brand themselves as a good employer, and also helps them to have their corporate values internalized by their employees.

Corporate Attractiveness Surveys

Corporate attractiveness is an important asset that positions companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors in a competitive marketplace. Xsights measures the perceptions of potential employees and suggests action points in order to increase the attractiveness of an organization.

Corporate Value Research

Internal communication and corporate values are accepted as one of the main factors determining the success of an organization. Open, consistent internal communication based on robust values results in greater flexibility, better performance and higher motivation within organizations. On the other hand, inconsistent, one-way internal communication decreases business success, along with stakeholder satisfaction. Healthy internal communication and a strong corporate culture do not occur by chance, they need to be developed and nurtured conscientiously. Xsights supports companies to articulate their corporate values in the clearest way possible.  

In-House Code of Ethics Research

The ethical values of a company are the building blocks of an institution. Placing ethical codes at the heart of business practice results in a consistent and sustainable operation and helps to guide decision making from operations to marketing and sales.

Conflict Resolution Workshops

Each organization is unique and faces different challenges. It is imperative to treat each organization as a unique system before embarking on the process of resolving current and potential conflicts. Xsights analyzes the organizational culture and suggest solutions for conflict resolution for organization in the strictest confidentiality.