Companies which are not innovative eventually start losing market share because they fail to meet customer needs. However, innovating products and processes just for the sake of it does not necessarily bring success; rather, companies need to research and understand customer needs before launching a new product or changing an existing one.

Category Perception Surveys

Xsights conducts Category Perception Surveys to support its clients’ understanding of the demographic, behavioral and psychological dynamics of consumers in specific categories or niche sectors. Xsights is experienced in using qualitative and quantitative methodologies.  

Concept / Product Development

Xsights Research and Consultancy conducts qualitative and quantitative research with target audiences to test new products or concepts to inform decisions and minimize the risk for current and future investments.

Package, Product and Taste Tests

Xsights supports its customers to identify the right package, or the right taste, for the right product. Xsights uses online surveys, home placements, studio testing as well as focus group discussions and ethnographic research.

Pricing Surveys, Price Sensitivity Evaluations

Xsights Research and Consultancy uses Conjoint Analysis or Van Westendorp methods to determine the right pricing strategy. These important surveys ensure that our clients strike the right balance with customs and avoid setting their prices either too low or too high.  

Name Testing

Xsights ensures that its clients start their branding journey one step ahead of their competitors by testing the suggested names for new companies, brands or products and determining the one that hits the mark.