Xsights, an independent company, offers objective and impartial measurement of public opinion and perception on key issues such as health, transport, local services, security, education and social policies. Xsights regularly conducts social research and publishes reports about global and national issues and events.

Corporate Reputation and Perception Measurement

Xsights offers a great deal of experience in reputation and perception management. Xsights measures perception across three different dimensions (economic, emotional and social) and using seven different parameters (awareness, favorability, trust, interaction, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy). Its robust research and extensive experience enables Xsights to deliver achievable results for corporate reputation as well as effective crisis management strategies.

Corporate Identity Positioning Research

These days corporate identity is a multifaceted concept that encompasses far more than a logo. Corporate identity represents business principles, values, goals, and the company's vision and mission. Xsights, through its corporate identity positioning research, helps companies to build their own brand identity and manage the perception of different stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility Surveys

Corporate Social Responsibility projects are only effective when they are aligned with the core values of the company which implements them. It is important to measure the perceptions of current social responsibility projects among the institution's target audience to shape the strategic decisions about the project. Xsights supports its clients by measuring the impact of CSR projects and advises on how to turn them into sustainable practices over the long term.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Xsights has extensive experience in conducting M&E for development projects. Xsights has worked with clients to determine indicators and develop specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound g M&E frameworks for development projects and multi-country independent evaluations for UN agencies.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Surveys

Xsights, an independent research company, conducts KAP Surveys on a regular basis on a variety of social issues. These surveys constitute the core of social memory and offer valuable insights about the dynamics of our times.

Public Service Satisfaction Surveys

Xsights offers independent and robust measurement of public opinion and the level of satisfaction with local and central services. Xsights uses its experience in Customer Experience Surveys to interpret government performance and how it compares with private sector.

Opinion Polls on Social Issues

Xsights takes prides in correctly examining public opinion and predicting voting behavior based on reliable and robust research.