Syrians in Turkey

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The perspective of Syrians who live outside the camps in Turkey…

Amidst what has been termed the worst migrant crisis facing Europe since WWII, the situation of the Syrian migrants in Turkey, which number about 2 million, has taken on a new turn with the EU’s recent decision to accept Syrian refugees on a quota basis.

This recent study conducted by XSIGHTS Social Research Institute seeks to understand Syrians who have come to Turkey fleeing civil strife and war, and to describe the challenges they face on a daily basis - while also exploring their plans for the future. The research results indicate some eye-opening findings about the Syrians who live outside the camps in Turkey such as:

  • 20% of Syrians who live outside the camps have no family member left in Syria while 32% of them have family members in countries other than Turkey.
  • 79% of Syrians who live outside the camps encounter language barriers on a daily basis.
  • 75% of Syrians outside the camps have experienced some difficulties with housing.
  • 82% of Syrians have experienced some challenges about employment in Turkey.
  • Only 14% of respondents feel that they are informed about their rights in Turkey.
  • Only 26% of respondents feel integrated with Turkey. Those who receive public services are more likely to feel integrated.
  • While 73% of Syrians who live outside the camps feel secure in Turkey; only four in ten (38%) is satisfied with living in Turkey.
  • 56% of Syrians who came to Turkey plan to go back to their country in the next five years. 21% would like to remain in Turkey, while 16% would like to live in a different country. The three most desirable countries are Saudi Arabia, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Only 35% of Syrians feel positive about the future of their country. Those who feel more positive are more likely to go back to Syria than others.

You can reach the report via following link
Understanding Syrians in Turkey Report

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