Our Past, Present and Future

XSIGHTS was founded by Çiğdem Penn in a tiny spare bedroom in London in May, 2004. The blue in our corporate has stayed the same since our start, logo resembling the color of the walls in that small room where we started.

Çiğdem launched her career in management consulting after graduating from the London School of Economics where she focused on change management. Realizing that research was her true passion within consulting, Cigdem worked for two of the largest agencies in the UK and eventually built her own firm in 2004. Since then, Çiğdem has been awarded the ‘Making a Difference Award’ by the ESOMAR Foundation for her work on UN Sustainability Goals through market research. Below is a link to her life story:

CCiğdem Penn | Learn to embrace your fears | Turkishwin – YouTube

Today XSIGHTS has gone far beyond that small bedroom in London, delivering research worldwide, across a wide range of sectors. XSIGHTS is a unique organisation which offers services to both the private and public sectors, combining insights from both areas of its work.

In the future, XSIGHTS will evolve as does everything does; we will continue to innovate new ways of data collection, adopt to new technologies in data collection and analysis and be at the forefront of paradigmatic shifts.

Whatever happens, our core values will always remain the same, along with the color of our logo.

Please follow the link for our values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted, respected and reliable research agency in the region.

Our Misson

Our mission is to ensure that our clients make the best possible decisions and achieve the highest performance