Communications Performance Measurement

Brand Health Research

In today’s competitive marketplace, brand expectations are increasing continuously. Brands must understand, challenge and surprise their customers more than ever. In this journey, it is important to measure  your brand health. XSIGHTS Brand Health Model measures key brand metrics such as brand awareness (top of mind awareness, unaided, aided and total awareness) while offering a detailed understanding of its performance in comparison to its rivals.  For more information for our Brand Health Model, please contact us.

Advertising Testing

Pre-test surveys enable us to determine the effectiveness of advertisements before they are launched by exploring whether the message is perceived correctly and resonates as intended with target audiences. This enables any necessary revisions to advertisements to be made prior to launch. Post-test surveys measure the level of effectiveness and success of ads that have already been shared with the target audience. At the same time, the impact of advertising on brand image and awareness is observed along with the effect on purchasing.

XSIGHTS uses its own advertising,  X-AD Model for pre and post testing and offers benchmark values for over eight different sectors.  For more information on our  X-AD Model, please contact us.

Corporate Reputation and Perception Surveys

XSIGHTS extensive services to our corporate clients in reputation and perception management. XSIGHTS measures perception across three different dimensions (economic, emotional and social), while using seven different parameters (awareness, favorability, trust, interaction, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy). Our robust research and extensive experience enable XSIGHTS to deliver achievable results to ensure solid corporate reputation. For more information, please contact us.

Public Relations (PR) Related Surveys

XSIGHTS worked with PR agencies and lobbying firms to design research that will raise awareness around a specific subject, product or service. These surveys tend to be nationally representative, receive media coverage, and often support  a new market or policy decision. For more information, please contact us.