Category: Featured  |  15 November 2017

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Ciğdem Penn / Learn to embrace your fears / TurkishWIN

Throughout her entrepreneurial career in three countries, Cigdem learned to make tough choices and to never be desperate.

Category: Our News  |  16 October 2017

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Interview: Cigdem Penn

Çiğdem Penn – I am against cookie cut research!

 Dr. Fatma Kamiloğlu

Çiğdem Penn is an important and valuable name in the research sector. She has an  a never-fading curiosity and a super sharp mind. 

Category: Our News  |  28 July 2017

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Xsights Healthcare Research

Xishgts has a dedicated team serving global and local pharma companies and associations since 2010, with pharma specific experience in research.

Category: Featured  |  24 November 2016

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After Donald Trump’s Victory

After Donald Trump’s Victory  

Category: Our News  |  8 March 2016

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Happy Women's Day

Women in Turkey