New Markets & Growth Strategies in Food Exports
Interview with our General Manager Çiğdem Penn in World of Jewelry Magazine
Genel Müdürümüz Çiğdem Penn’in World of Jewelery Dergisindeki röportaji için tıklayınız Cigdem_Penn_2_Pages_WOJ_Magazine
What is Impact Analysis?
In today’s world, analytical methods and tools are being used to make decision-making processes...
Marka Sadakati Nedir?
What is Brand Loyalty?
Brand Loyalty, also known as customer loyalty, refers to the commitment and repeated purchase behavior...
Pazar Araştırması Nedir?
Market Research: What is it?
Market research is a systematic process conducted by a company or entrepreneur to gather, analyze, and...
 Brand Awareness: What Is It?
Brand awareness plays a crucial role in today’s competitive marketplace. It refers to the extent...
What is Brand Positioning?
Brand Positioning is the process of determining how a brand is perceived in the minds of consumers and...
What is Corporate Reputation? Advantages of Corporate Reputation Research
In today’s competitive business environment, having a strong corporate reputation is of great importance...
Earthquake and Votes 
Following Turkey’s disastrous earthquake in April, I am often asked how people can still vote for the...
How Earthquake Affected Us?
Click the link below to access “How Earthquake Affected Us?” Report. How-Earthquake-Affected-Us_XSIGHTS-Research-Reportİndir
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