Our Performance Awards

XSIGHTS has received several awards and notes of appreciation though our biggest acknowledgement remains the loyalty of our clients. Below are some of the awards we have received over the years:


ESOMAR Foundation Making A Difference Award

Stigmatization is a broad and multi-directional concept which has been receiving increased attention in psychiatric research and policymaking. XSIGHTS’ survey looked at the reasons and consequences of stigmatization of Schizophrenic patients among the general public. The results of the perception survey were largely shared both in traditional and social media, which raised awareness about the stigma against people suffering from this condition. The research was presented in an academic article and was selected for presentation at the Schizophrenia International Research Society Biennial Meeting in 2020. The research provided invaluable insights for The Federation of Schizophrenia Associations which was able to design a program on how to fight stigmatization of this  mental illness. Our work  informed all decision makers about the necessary policy changes which are required to allow schizophrenic patients avoid living a life of long-term unemployment, poverty, homelessness, exploitation, and victimization, but rather to live a life which is worth living without the heavy burden of societal pressure and rejection. This survey has since been replicated in six other countries thanks to sponsorship from the ESOMAR Foundation and members of its Executive Committee. Çiğdem Penn presented the comparative data at ESOMAR World Congress in 2022 and it is available here.

Turkish Researchers’ Association – Social Research of the Year Award 2019

XSIGHTS received the Best Social Research of the Year Award for its qualitative research for Women Leadership Platform. This survey detailed the difficulties professional women in the construction sector in Turkey encountered in their careers and identified the barriers that women face climbing up the ladder of corporate leadership. The results of this survey were shared with the construction sector. For more information, please click here.


Turkish Researchers’ Association – Social Research of the Year Award 2017

XSIGHTS received an award for Social Research of the Year for its quantitative research on Women and Equality. The survey focused on the perception of working women among the Turkish general public and outlined the key reasons women opt out of the labor force.

XSIGHTS repeats the findings of this survey on a yearly basis in coordination with TED University and Binyaprak. The event is widely popular among organisations which focus on inclusion and gender equality.

Turkish Researchers’ Association – Most Insightful Research of the Year Award

XSIGHTS supported the development of a location-based mobile application. Bitaksi offers safe taxi rides and incentivizes its customers to make frequent inner-city trips. Bitaksi reached commercial success from day one of its foundation. XSIGHTS outlined the key points for market entry, marketing, design of the  mobile application and insights for business success.