Our Policies

As a company with data at our core, we believe in protecting your data with the highest level of confidentiality. Please click here to access our Personal Data Protection Policy.

XSIGHTS is committed to delivering high quality services, which is reflected in our Quality Policy. Please click here to access our Quality Policy.

We are signatories of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Please click here to access our WEPs profile page.

XSIGHTS is committed to giving back to the public and conducts several research projects on a pro-bono basis for small NGOs to support them in their decision making. Please click here to access our CSR policy.

At XSIGHTS, we are happy to conduct studies which focus on children and are committed to safeguarding them. We are committed to the principle of ‘Do no harm’. Please click here to access our Children Safeguarding Policy.

We use cookie policy for this website. Please click here to access our Cookie Policy.