Our Departments

XSIGHTS includes the following departments:

Market Research Department

The Market Research Department delivers a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research projects ranging from market entry to the customer experience journey. The Market Research Department has three units:

  • Marketing Research: The Consumer Research Unit delivers innovative and insightful consumer-focused research. The Unit is known for its robust models on branding, advertising, innovation and taste testing. For more information about XSIGHTS’ consumer research, please contact us. The B2B Research Unit is responsible for delivering rigorous market research for large corporations that transact with other businesses. The B2B Research Department is known for its innovative approaches to accessing hard-to-reach individuals and its professional attitude. For more information about XSIGHTS’ B2B research, please contact us.
  • Customer Experience and Mystery Shopping: The Mystery Shopping Unit specializes in delivering mystery shopping projects. It has its own large pool of mystery shoppers and is known for its robust quality assurance procedures and excellent dashboards. For more information about XSIGHTS’ Mystery Shopping, please contact us.
  • Healthcare Insights Department: XSIGHTS’ Healthcare Research Department delivers high-quality research for health sector players. It provides actionable research to researchers in the pharma and health sectors, including pharmaceutical companies, medical device producers and hospitals. For more information about our Healthcare Research, please contact us.

Social Sciences Institute

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL):  The Social Research Unit is responsible for delivering high quality research and excellent project management in carrying out KAP surveys, impact assessments, external programme evaluations and in providing MEL capacity building to clients and their partners. The Social Science Institute is experienced in research design, sampling methodology determination, in-depth analysis of large amounts of data and providing recommendations for data-driven policy and program actions. For more information about XSIGHTS’ Social Research, please contact us.
  • Organisational Development Research: The Organisational Development Unit offers institutional support and strengthening through organisational dynamics. It offers employee satisfaction assessments, motivation and engagement surveys, organisational culture assessments, service delivery designs and vision/ mission and values formulations. For more information about OD Research, please contact us.
  • Capacity Building and Assistance Services: The XSIGHTS Academy is responsible for organizing and delivering online and offline courses to XSIGHTS’ own team of researchers and clients. It is known for its tailored-made training programs, capacity building services and sustainable technical assistance. For more information about these services, please contact us.

Operations Department

The Operations Department oversees all XSIGHTS’ operations and is responsible for timely delivery of all services to clients. The Operations Department includes three units:

  • Fieldwork Unit: The Fieldwork Unit at XSIGHTS plans all the fieldwork for surveys and is responsible for organizing interviewers and/or third-party data suppliers for timely data collections.  The Field Unit is also responsible for managing and maintaining XSIGHTS consumer, B2B and healthcare databases.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Unit: The QA Unit at XSIGHTS delivers interviewers’ training for all projects. They also check the quality and reliability of the data collected, organize call back checks and confirm that the interviews were conducted as planned and under ideal conditions.
  • Statistical Solutions Unit: The Statistical Solutions Unit applies rigorous appropriate and state-of-the-art statistical methods and develops practical tools to deliver in-depth analysis to guide our clients’ decisions.

Marketing and Client Excellence Center

The Marketing and Client Excellence Center manages XSIGHTS’ marketing activities and conducts reviews with clients at the end of each project. For our marketing activities please follow us on social media outlets.

Administration Department

The Administration Department is staffed by senior professionals and oversees Human Resources and Finance. This department supports all of the XSIGHTS’ team and projects and is responsible for smooth running of our organisation.