Pharma Insights Generation

Stigmatization Surveys

XSIGHTS conducts Social Perception Surveys related to specific physical and mental health medical conditions. These surveys focus on levels of awareness of the condition, stigmatization surrounding the condition and social and emotional distance the condition causes. The surveys also explore possible ways of informing the public, health workers and/or patients themselves of the issues surrounding the condition.  XSIGHTS was recently awarded the Making a Difference Award by the ESOMAR Foundation for this type of work. For more information please click the link Our Awards and contact us.

Pharmaceutical Performance Measurement

XSIGHTS supports Performance Measurement for pharmaceutical companies’ representatives. Surveys are conducted with physicians or pharmacists about their recollection of specific products, its properties and the quality of the presentation by the medical representative.  This type of research is often used for performance incentives and therefore has important implications. XSIGHTS’ quality assurance procedures and transparent project management ensure the fairness of the results.

To this day, we have measured performance on several medical conditions. For a full list click on the link.

Pre- and Post-Launch Surveys

Launching a medical product is not an everyday occurrence. Therefore, it is important to measure the effectiveness of the event by measuring key metrics before and after the product launch.  Pre- and Post- Launch Surveys are often conducted with physicians or pharmacists. The pre-launch survey establishes the level of awareness about the condition and the product before the event. The results of this survey are then compared with results from post-launch survey to establish the ROI for the launch. For more information, please contact us.

Patient and Carer’s Journey

In this type of survey, XSIGHTS asks detailed questions about the onset of a condition and its progression. The survey explores how the patient and their family have been affected emotionally, financially, and socially. This type of survey helps our clients come up with new products and new services, as well as new ways of communicating with the patients, their families and the public. For more information, please contact us.

Patient Service Journey

A Patient Service Journey details the patient’s online or offline experience with a health service provider. The journey may be presented as a visual representation or map, and describes the steps the patient must take to engage with a provider.  Patient journey maps capture pre-visit and post-visit touchpoints, in addition to the onsite experience. This map can be adjusted based on specialties, patient personas, locations and demographics. Patient Service Journeys also cover mapping of the online services, which is important given the increasing usage of telemedicine. For more information, please contact us.