Our People


Prof. Dr. Veysel Bozkurt

Dr. Bozkurt is a faculty member in the Department of Economic Sociology at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Economics. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Uludağ University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and Graduate School of Social Sciences. He became an associate professor in “Sociology of Work and Management” in 1994 and a full-time professor in 2000. He worked as a visiting scholar and researcher at the European University Institute in Florence (1988-1989), T.D. Business Faculty in Azerbaijan (1996), T.D. Business Faculty in Kyrgyzstan (1997), The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (2002), James Cook University in Australia (2005-2006), Washington State University (2008), Portland State University (2012-2013), Udayana University in Bali (2017) and LNG Eurasian National University in Astana (2019). Some of his publications include: Sociology in a Changing World (Ekin Publishing, 2015, Bursa) Information Society and Turkey (System Publications, 1996, Istanbul), European Union and Turkey (Alfa Publications, 1997, Istanbul), New Work Ethics from Puritanism to Hedonism (Alesta Publishing, 2000, Bursa) and Industrial and Post-Industrial Transformation (Ekin Publishing, 2006).