Our People


Serap Koydemir

Position: Social Sciences Institute Lead

Ms. Serap Koydemir Avcı graduated from the Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Sociology in 2012. She also obtained her master’s degree from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at METU. During her master’s program she explored civil-military relations, a rarely studied field within in research, through in-depth interviews with high-ranking officers.

Ms. Koydemir entered the strategic research field in 2013, studying socio-cultural issues. She acquired considerable experience conducting desk-based analysis, as well as using qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Moreover, she co-authored numerous books, reports and articles related to the broad field of civil-military relations.
Ms. Koydemir remained professionally involved in the private sector, public sector and civil society by working within the fields of advertising, customer solutions, press and media and project management.