Market Entry and Feasibility

Research on Sale of Washington Apples

A British marketing company that represents several F&B (Food and Beverage) brands approached XSIGHTS to increase its Washington Apples sales in the Middle East. XSIGHTS conducted interviews in Dubai with Arab housewives, which revealed that the key decision makers were not them but their ‘Didi’s’ who were employed for cooking and cleaning. Our client built a market strategy, based on the results of XSIGHTS’ study, which targeted immigrant household workers instead of Arab housewives.

Water Filtration Feasibility Research

Filtration is key to watering fields; however, it can be tricky depending on the water supply. XSIGHTS conducted a market feasibility study for a water filter brand which was interested in entering the Bangladeshi market. XSIGHTS estimated the market size, mapped the competition, explored the needs of Bangladeshi farmers and analyzed the structure of the market. XSIGHTS also supported a market entry strategy for this organisation.

Perception of Prefabricated and Modular Housing Among Farmers

Our client wanted to determine the current perceptions of prefabricated houses among farmers. The survey findings revealed that there was a need to increase the status of prefabricated buildings since the farmers did not consider them to be comfortable or safe. The survey resulted in a new marketing and pricing strategy for our client.

Pre-Acquisition Survey

Prior to the acquisition of Full Oil by LUKOİL, XSIGHTS conducted a pricing survey. The research provided fast and reliable findings to the client by collecting location-based prices of different oil companies, giving the client a chance to test the effect of location on pricing and to examine how brands positioned themselves in the sector.

Feasibility Reports for Automotive Parts Industry

XSIGHTS was commissioned by the Automotive Export Association to conduct feasibility surveys in six different; Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Tunisia and Egypt. These reports described the feasibility of investing in these countries, while detailing their economic, legal and infrastructural circumstances. For a copy of the reports, please click the link below.

Market Entry Reports for Canada and Russia

Funded by the Mevlana Development Agency in Turkey, XSIGHTS provided extensive research in 10 sectors for local businesses to enter Canadian and Russian markets. These reports have been extensively used by Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and supported the Konya Chamber of Commerce’s initiative for increasing the volume of exports.

Market Size Estimation Reports

XSIGHTS routinely conducts market size estimations before Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and investment rounds for companies that are interested in accurately measuring their market size. Recently, XSIGHTS helped Anatolian Diagnostics prior to their listing on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Bıçakcılar’s Market Share Research

XSIGHTS carried out market share research for Bıçakcılar, a medical company that has been serving Turkey for over 60 years, prior to its initial public offering (IPO). The research aimed to analyze the global players and trends in the market, as well as the unique aspects that differentiate the Bıçakcılar brand. It also assessed the approximate market size of the sector in Turkey and determined Bıçakcılar’s position in this market. For more information, please click here.

Market Analysis

INOGAR and Save The Children Turkey have collaborated on a project aimed at strengthening the socio-economic participation of marginalized, at-risk refugee and host community youth through protection and livelihood services. A feasibility study was conducted for the establishment of two cooperatives in Esenyurt, Istanbul. The study design included an analysis of “product-market fit”. This study has contributed to identifying the needs, strengths, weaknesses, risks and areas of development within the target market.

Medical Consumables Market Analysis

A basic market analysis was conducted to determine the marketability of medical consumable products in both domestic and international markets for ERMED, a large medical supplier. Import and export analyses were carried out based on HS codes for all materials in the company’s product portfolio to identify potential markets and develop marketing strategies.

Steel Door and Fire Door Market Research

A detailed analysis was conducted on the structure and characteristics of the domestic and international markets for steel doors, within the product portfolio of MKS company. The analysis examined the trends of the past 10 years. Specific analyses were performed to differentiate and estimate the market share for the specific products, as multiple product groups are traded under the same code in export and import data.

Amazon’s SME Research

In 2023, as part of Amazon’s global priority to empower small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs worldwide, Amazon Turkey conducted large survey of SMBs in Turkey in collaboration with Price Water Coopers (PwC) Turkey and XSIGHTS. The purpose of this scan was to assess the status of SMBs in e-export, identify the challenges they face in export and e-export and uncover their opportunities.

Feasibility Study of Medical Consumables

A preliminary feasibility study was conducted by XSIGHTS for our client who was interested in producing medical consumables such as blood tubes, syringes, serum sets and intracaths. These consumables are essential for diagnosis processes and treatments in the healthcare sector. Our client recognized the importance of these products, especially during the pandemic, and believed that the demand for medical consumables would continue to grow in Turkey and abroad.
In the feasibility study, XSIGHTS examined the production capacity, revenue and market trends of the medical consumables industry in Turkey and abroad. XSIGTHS also conducted a competitor analysis to identify potential challenges and opportunities for our client. The study aimed to provide our client with a clear understanding of the feasibility of entering the medical consumables industry and the potential for success.