Marketing and Communications

Brand Perception and Positioning Study

A lead Japanese copier and printer company commissioned XSIGHTS to conduct interviews with primary decision-makers who are responsible for purchasing equipment in Turkey. An in-depth market analysis was performed that identified the diversity of products of the companies, product brand preferences, brand awareness, effectiveness of marketing activities and the products’ performance. Additionally, the performance of the sales team was examined in order to feed into local Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the local implementer.

Brand Alignment Workshops

XSIGHTS delivered a brand alignment workshop to one of its customers in the energy sector launching a new brand. The workshop helped to determine how to align the brand with organisational values. This training used projection techniques, brainstorming and the Appreciative Inquiry model.

Celebrity Selection

A global food giant approached XSIGHTS to evaluate the effect of its celebrity campaign on the target market. In the study XSIGHTS assessed the image of the celebrity, the brand represented, the effect of the celebrity on product purchase, suitability of the celebrity with the brand, contribution to the brand and the likelihood of consumers using the brand.

IELTS Experience among High School Students and Young Professionals

The British Council builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language. British Council is a proud co-owner of IELTS, the world’s most popular English language test. XSIGHTS conducted an in-depth survey into the customer journey and points of differentiations between the British Council and the IDP (the main competitor). Based on this research, the British Council was able to re-design test takers’ experience and thus increased its engagement with clients and institutions.

Brand Perception of Executive Learning Survey

Sabancı University EDU is one of the world’s leading executive education institutions and is routinely ranked among the best 100 business schools by the Financial Times’ “Executive MBA Rankings”. XSIGHTS conducted a study of perceptions of Sabancı University EDU and a full assessment of its positioning in the global executive education market in Turkey. Through this survey, the XSIGHTS team gained deep insights into the latest trends in the education sector and Sabancı EDU was able to determine its expansion strategy for 2023.

Brand Awareness for Online Tuition Service Survey

Doping Hafıza offers private lessons online and is in-direct competition with free content from YouTube. XSIGHTS conducted research on the expectations of students, parents and teachers, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Doping Hafıza has since launched a very successful advertising campaign and increased its share by 8% in a very competitive Turkish market.

Brand Awareness and Gastronomy Survey

This survey was conducted in six countries regarding different cuisines. It focused on variations in how “healthy food” was defined, the most preferred country of origin for different products and the level of awareness of major food brands. For the report of this survey, please click the link.

Turkey Reputation Index (TRI)

From 2011 to 2013, XSIGHTS launched the Turkey Reputation Index (TRI) in cooperation with Istanbul Commerce University. TRI determined factors of reputation in Turkey, compared reputations of different sectors and compared positionings of companies within their respective sectors and across Turkey. The results established a reference source for corporate reputation management. XSIGHTS routinely conducts Corporate Reputation Surveys.

Formation of Brands Among Children

XSIGHTS carried out research, including a survey and focus group discussions, to understand how brands were affecting young children. The focus group discussions revealed that children as young as four have an initial understanding of a brand and can compare different brands. This research also showed that children who are too young to have abstract thinking capacity, literally interpret the advertising as presented. For instance, if the product says it ‘gives you wings’, they expect to grow wings once they consume it.

Atasay Brand Perception Research

In 2022, a brand perception study was conducted for Atasay, a leading jewelry company in Turkey. The purpose of this study was to measure the perception of the brand among the target audience. The research enabled the measurement of Atasay’s brand awareness, positioning compared to its competitors and the impact of communication campaigns on the brand.

John Reed Fitness Brand Perception Research

XSIGHTS conducted a brand perception study for its client, an international sports gym brand, in 2021. The target audience of the study was individuals who were either currently registered at a sports gym or considering registering within the next year. The research aimed to uncover the perception of the brand in comparison to its competitors.

Rino Seramik Brand Awareness

XSIGHTS conducted a brand awareness study for Yıldızlar SSS Holding, which plans to expand internationally under the RINO brand. In this research, surveys were conducted with store managers at ceramic sales points in Turkey and Bulgaria to assess the brand awareness of RINO in comparison to its competitors.

Benoplast Brand Awareness

XSIGHTS conducted a brand awareness study for Benoplast, an important company in the industrial packaging sector. The study was aimed at measuring the perception of Benoplast in the food, automotive, logistics, electronics, chemical and textile sectors and managing its brand effectively. The impact of communication campaigns on the brand was measured and areas for improvement were reported along with recommendations.

Bonna Porselen Brand Awareness Research

XSIGHTS conducted a brand awareness study for Bonna, the HoReCa brand launched by Kar Porselen, which started as a small ceramic workshop in 1983. The study focused on a sample of restaurants and hotels representing different segments in Turkey to measure the brand awareness of Bonna.

Spare Parts Brand Perception and Image Study

From 2015 to 2019, a comprehensive study of the Turkish automobile manufacturers Tofaş was carried out by XSIGHTS. Its aim was to assess the performance and perception of Tofaş’ spare parts brands compared to competitor brands. In carrying out this research, using computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) as a quantitative research technique, XSIGHTS interviewed 1,350 individuals. This included 675 interviews with repair shops that perform maintenance/repairs and 675 interviews with retail outlets selling spare parts. Results were evaluated to identify areas for improvement and research findings were utilized by Tofaş to enhance the value of their brands and guide their brand investments.

Tofaş Service Quality Research

In 2020, Tofaş hired XSIGHTS to carry out research to understand the perceptions of vehicle owners regarding the service quality provided by Tofaş’ authorized service centers and their expectations of service quality. This research reflected both Tofaş’ vision to be the leading value and mobility solutions automotive manufacturer in Turkey and Tofaş’ mission to enhance the quality of life by offering products and services that meet the mobility needs of society. Through this research, feedback was obtained from vehicle owners regarding their perceptions of the authorized service centers, their service habits, the perceptual differences between authorized and unauthorized/independent service centers and customer concerns and motivations. XSIGHTS used four focus group discussions to carry out this qualitative research. The obtained results were utilized to improve service quality at TOFAŞ.