Product and Service Design

Sensory Taste Tests with Children

XSIGHTS routinely conducts taste tests with children for products such as chocolate, milk products, biscuits and sweets. Children are invited to a studio environment where they try different variations of the same product and then rate each variation based on its overall appeal, smell, taste and consistency, and then provide feedback on how to improve each variation. All tests are carried out with parental consent and in line with the ESOMAR Code of Conduct, which can be accessed through this link.

New Hair Product

Our customer developed a new hair care product, but had not achieved the desired success in the market. XSIGHTS designed a product test to see when the customer’s negative feedback about the newly developed product began to harm the wider brand perception. In the study, customers received hair care products appropriate for their hair style and used the products for two weeks, during which time they kept a daily diary. The diaries provided daily information about the changes (and reasons behind changes) in emotions, thoughts and behaviors before, during and after washing.

New Dishwasher Designed

Three different options for dishwashers from a leading German manufacturer were tested among women. In the research, participants were asked to fill out a “dishwasher diary” to identify their attitudes and behaviors related to dishwasher usage.

New TV Channel Launch

Our client, an international media giant, requested a review of the concept of its new TV Channel. Through both qualitative and quantitative research methods, necessary and detailed information was collected on TV watching motivations and routines, programme preferences and channel choices. New programme formats were introduced to Turkish viewers and their preferred formats, broadcast content and streaming options were identified.

New Mobile Application Research

This research was conducted in order to track the level of taxi usage via the BiTaksi mobile application and to determine whether the AP increased taxi usage. Based on the research findings, the firm was able to address cited obstacles for not using a mobile application. BiTaksi has now become a mainstream name on the streets of İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Scent Tests

Before entering the market, new scent concepts were tested on target customers in XSIGHTS’ clinically designed studio. The emotions triggered by the scent, appreciation on the skin and in the bottle, purchase intentions, persistence and preponderance of the scent and the adjectives defining the scent were studied in detail within the scope of the research. Consumer feedback was provided to the client to inform the final product development. XSIGHTS recently conducted scent tests for a French company for a deodorant targeted for teenage girls.

Sensory Taste Tests

XSIGHTS routinely conducts taste tests with consumers for new products. Consumers are invited to a studio where they try different variations of the same products and then rate each variation based on its overall appeal, smell, taste, and consistency and provide feedback on how to improve each variation. XSIGHTS recently conducted sensory taste tests for Kent Şeker, a part of Kraft Foods for Sour Patch products, in Turkey.